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New Regulations could affect your private data

Thinking of flying to Australia anytime soon?


Well, apparently, they’ll be checking a bit more than your luggage the next time you do.


Reports out of Australia suggest that the changes in current regulations at the country’s airports may affect your right to personal, private data.


The Department of Immigration and Border Protection is testing out an “automated processing solution” which would allow passengers to be processed using biometric identification.


In plain English, it would mean that up to 90% of passengers flying through the country would pass through machines that would capture their facial, iris and fingerprints (among other info) and store them.


What could go wrong?


A whole hell of a lot, according to one University of Wollongong biometrics expert.


Professor Katina directly questioned the safety of the data collected by these machines.


“I’m worried about theft. I don’t buy the story that your data is safe.”


And with good reason.


Cybersecurity breaches are becoming more and more frequent in both the private and public sector.


Illegal data collection and sales fuel an increasingly-lucrative black market —making it almost impossible suppress its popularity.


The only hope is for companies to start taking responsibility for the data the collect and—if there are profits to be made—sharing them with their consumers.


If only you knew a company that shared this vision, while also offering you the opportunity to earn more profit using the same amount of data…




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