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P&C goes LIVE

With the rise in popularity of live video streaming on social media platforms, it has become even more important for individuals and brands alike to be authentic when presenting their products.


The fact is, there is no place to hide on live TV.


Live video streaming leaves you totally exposed to your audience.


Now, like never before, users can enjoy the freedom to ask questions and have their presenters answer in real time – adding a personal aspect to customer service previously unknown to mainstream consumers.


With this in mind, on Friday December 16th, PEOPLE&connection will launch its first ever live webinar campaign in an effort to not only help users become more familiar and comfortable with platform and the minds behind it – but also to introduce exciting new improvements to the platform itself.


Users will be treated to real, live accounts of just how valuable data really is and how we can better take advantage of its value.


All in all, it is poised to be a very important event.


If I were you, I wouldn’t miss it.

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