Drive success within the modern share economy.

P&C offers you the ability to use your data and daily experiences to increase your earning potential by taking advantage of the modern share economy. Buy, sell, rent, or lease your data, car, home or even just a room and enjoy the benefits of financial independence.

The Share Economy

The modern share economy creates a perfect match of buyers and sellers by analysing your shared personal data. Benefit from this unique concept and unlock greater opportunities to drive success at scale.

Start Renting Today

Millions of people around the world are interested in renting your car or home. P&C will connect you with those people and ensure that you both get the best value for your participation in the share economy.

Earn an Income From Home

Make extra, passive income from rentals or from leasing your data. P&C is committed to helping you make the most out of your valuable rental products and services while maximising your earning potential.

Our Partner Platforms

The future is now. The solutions are here.

Introducing Dream.Rent, P&C’s powerful, new, exclusive international partner which gives you the power to host your own platform within the share economy!

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